About Us

We may have heralded a few hashtags in our day and we enjoy emojis as much as the next person but at YayMail, we can't seem to shake the magical feeling of finding a tangible letter in your mailbox. You know... that tinge of excitement that can only come from seeing your name scrawled on the envelope. And that mounting fever of anticipation as you open that birthday card. Or that warm fuzziness glowing long after reading that thank you note.
Call us old fashioned, but it's those moments that have us stuck on stationary, kooky for cards, and still believing in the power and art of hand written letters.
It's why we're on a mission to help people upgrade their correspondence game. By creating engaging and emotive paper greetings, we hope to empower people to send their best selves to the ones they care about the most.
It's why we're hard working paper pushers - pushing paper to be all it can be. In a world full of digital animation, paper needs to do more - and it can! Spinning around, popping up, even taking flight, we dream up cards that behave differently from most and bring them to life through an iterative prototyping process.
It's why we go the extra mile to make every card by hand. It's the only way we know how to ensure a level of quality that we can personally stand by. While we don't believe you need an occasion to send mail, we know that's what it usually comes to and we won't be the weakest link in helping you nail it!

It's why we at YayMail hope you'll join us in championing snail mail.