About Us

At YayMail we're champions of snail mail 
... cuz who doesn't like getting real mail?
 Call us old fashioned, but we can’t seem to shake that magical feeling of finding a handwritten letter in our mailbox. That’s why YayMail is on a mission to celebrate and champion snail mail, one envelope at a time.

But in a world full of digital animation, paper needs to do more - and it can! Spinning around, popping up, even taking flight, we dream up cards that behave differently from most and bring them to life through an iterative prototyping process. Every card for sale is then assembled by hand to ensure a level of quality that we can personally stand by.

By incorporating interactive and 3D design elements, we strive to create engaging and emotive paper greetings that empower people to send their best selves to the people they care about most.